Pharmacy is the science of research, preparation and dispensing of drugs in suitable forms and dosages. There is a growing demand of pharmacists in the recession proof drug and pharmaceutical industry – for development, formulation, production or marketing of drugs, drug control administration, laboratories engaged in research/ quality assurance & drug testing, clinical trials, hospitals, food & cosmetics industries, preparation of technical and medical information, teaching in pharmacy colleges and self - employment like chemist / druggist store, distribution, analytical laboratories etc.

To make India one of the top five global pharmaceutical innovation hub by 2020 the Indian Govt. has planed to invest 5000-10000 crore annually. The programme would generate a large number of jobs in pharma sector. There are good job opportunities abroad also for pharmacy graduates/post graduates.

B.Pharmacy is a high profile technical course and is better than many other courses. With rapid increase in population and diseases, requirement of medicines is also increasing. More B.Pharmacy pharmacists are in demand in drug industries for research & development, formulation, production, analysis, quality assurance, marketing, clinical trials, drug control administration etc. There are 100% job opportunities in Drugs & Cosmetics industries, Food Industries, Research & Development, State & Central Govt. Services, Defense Services, Teaching and Self Employment etc. Good opportunities in abroad are also there for pharmacy graduates/post graduates. Pharmacy is a recession proof sector and has no effect of the worldwide recession (while it effects engineering).